About Nrityangan Dance Academy

Rahara Nrityangan is a dance school of classical dance based on Bharat Natyam and classical based creative dance. Our dance teacher Bratati Ghosh (Roy) has learnt Bharat Natyam under Guru Gabindan Kutty and Guru Smt. Thankamani Kutty of Calcutta Kolamandalam for a long time of 18 years. And got certificate from Kolkata Kalamandalam.

About Nrityangan


As per instruction and advice of Guru Smt. Thankamani Kutty a dance school named “Nrityangan” was established. Our intention is to spread the Indian culture to the students. As our teacher Bratati Ghosh (Roy) is deeply learnt Bharat Natyam, our dance school is teaching Bharat Natyam and Classical based Creative Dance.

We hope through our teaching a student may be a good dancer as well as their mentality must be honest and maintain the good society.